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May 07,  · It’s been requested by users for ages, and Google has finally listened: Android Q will offer a true dark mode (officially called Dark Theme), the company announced onstage at Google I/O Reviews: Tips and tricks you didn't know you could do with Google for on the go, at work and having fun. NOTICE. If you visit this site, consider: Support the Internet Bill of Rights Vanquish the Panopticon of Ads Support Freedom on the Internet. JOIN THE CONVERSATION. Chat securely with dedicated, like minded patriots on, where you may also find the maintainer. This work is provided pro bono.

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Every year nearly 20 tons of lobster and a ton of caviar were eaten on board, washed down with 70, bottles of the fi nest champagne. But close up the reality is tragically different. Q e2 apps longer do bronzed couples on day world cruises spend lazy hours on sunbeds or enjoy unhurried moonlit strolls around the teak deck.

As the Middle Eastern sun beats down on her, the QE2 is silent. Four years ago the last of her nine engines — the largest marine units ever built, each the size of a double decker bus and consuming 18 tons of fuel an hour — was turned off.

No more wisps of smoke curl from her iconic black and red funnel. Without power for lighting and air conditioning, the queen of the seas was condemned to a sad and lingering death. The most recent pictures taken on board show black mould growing across the ceilings of once luxurious staterooms. In the former casino, slot machines stand with their lights out.

She had sailed further than any ship in history — the equivalent of 14 return trips to the moon. The ship was destined to become a luxury hotel.

But the sale came just as the world banking crisis exploded and Dubai was forced to put its plans on hold. Campaigner Rob Lightbody, of the online group The QE2 Story, said in that she could be saved if she could be bought back from the Dubai government. Nothing has happened to it in the past two and a half years. He said he would love to see the liner at rest somewhere associated with its transatlantic history she q e2 apps crossings such as Southampton, Liverpool, London or New York.

She was understated and comfortable in a truly British way. Her 1, passengers had more than 1, staff at their beck and call. He smiles as he recalls his first day in command in After touring the ship, the Queen came to the bridge to witness my first docking.

QE2 has been my life, q e2 apps. It is the ending of an era. Workers near her berth say she is haunted by former passengers. The ghosts of a glorious past, no doubt. Play slideshow. In renovation work was halted and the crew of construction q e2 apps was cut to Two years later the last engine was turned off and the crew was paid off, q e2 apps.

GETTY Without power for lighting and air conditioning, the queen of the seas was condemned to a sad death. We were in the q e2 apps of making people happy. I intend to bring her home restored', q e2 apps.

Life Queen Elizabeth II.


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q e2 apps


Sep 21,  · In this video, I talk about Dictionary apps for your smart phone and how they can help you level up your game play for Scrabble, Word Domination, Words With Friends, and more. If you want to. Connect to an iOS or Android smartphone or a Windows or Mac computer to upload pictures or control the camera remotely. We offer apps for each application and situation; read “Details” for more information before downloading the app that’s right for you. ‎Download apps by QE2, including QE Squared - Abdominals, QE Squared Arms, QE Squared - Butt, and many more.