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virgin mobile canada retention plans

Feb 22,  · Virgin Mobile Canada - My experience has been absolute ***. Virgin mobile doesn't care about their customers. In Manitoba the biggest plan they have is 8 gigs. You can then add on 3 more gigs for $40 then another gig for $20 then another MB for 7. Bringing you to a maximum of gigs for a plan costing you nearly a /5(87). Virgin Mobile Canada. That's on top of our super-hot smartphones on blazing-fast 4G LTE speeds and jam-packed plans with lots of awesome extras built right in! Stylish parties, sexy smartphones, and a ton of serious Members benefits starting from day one - we’re all about hooking you up . Virgin mobile loyalty team and Rogers promotion ( submitted 1 year ago by imntp Rogers and fido are offering a promotional plan with 10Gb of data for $60 in AB and BC.

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Rotate image Save Cancel. Breaking news: See More. More New Posts. Search this thread. Ontario Hi everyone, As you can see I'm new to this forum. I am a bit frustrated virgin mobile canada retention plans upset with virgin mobile right now. I've been with them for quite some time now and yesterday my phone died on me. I went to their website finally ready to upgrade because I have no choice and I need a phone for work but when I got to their plans page the site stated that I must now change my plan to be eligible for an upgrade.

So I decided to message their facebook page to ask if this is a new thing because I used to be able to upgrade my phone and keep my plan. They just replied that "plans changes over time please check out our page for some new plans".

I go into their store today and the employee was rude and ignored me the entire time so I left to look around at the other cell providers, virgin mobile canada retention plans. He then told me that my plan was expiring soon and that I needed to upgrade my plan for a new phone.

After that I said thanks and left. I told him no thank you and left. There was the big shift from 3yr contracts to 2yr contracts which caused a spike on cell phone plan fees. If you have an older plan there's no way you can keep it if you want a new subsidized phone which makes business sense because those plans spread out the cost of the phone over 3 years instead of the 2 years in the new rates.

You have to call in and they put you through to retention. The retention rates are pretty meh now. Nothing spectacular. I think it's becoming more of a trend with the big 3. Retention deals are floundering. I ended up going on a Silver plan and paying for most of my S5 I paid If there's some kind of back to school sale like double the data I can easily switch the plan as well.

Current rates when completely subbing the phone are ridiculously expensive. Just had the same issue recently as wanted to upgrade phone due to expiring contract. No problems really as spoke to Virgin retentions. They call it the Solutions department and you have to ask specifically for that department, virgin mobile canada retention plans. You can only keep your old plan on a month to month or get your own phone and swap out SIM card. I ended up with the same plan essentially, virgin mobile canada retention plans, they call it something else and it has a few better features but it's a loyalty plan.

Virgin mobile canada retention plans the plan because I wanted a new phone for free. Congrats to the Winners!


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virgin mobile canada retention plans


Virgin mobile loyalty team and Rogers promotion ( submitted 1 year ago by imntp Rogers and fido are offering a promotional plan with 10Gb of data for $60 in AB and BC. Jun 07,  · Earlier this year, Virgin Mobile increased select BYOP plans by $5 per month, which some RFD users explained as their reason for calling in and thinking about switching to another carrier. If you’re ready to call in, dial from your Virgin phone, talk to the first customer service agent then ask to be transferred to the retentions department. Virgin Mobile and Fido offer $45/4GB Alberta-only promo plans. There’s a promo pricing battle brewing in Alberta. After Telus flanker brand Public Mobile launched a $45/4GB promo plan with unlimited province-wide calling — which was confirmed as available in Alberta and Ontario — Bell-owned Virgin Mobile has now struck back with a 4GB plan.